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Why should I hire a person with a disability? What's the benefit of diversity?
There are many benefits to diversity:
  • You get valuable employees from a largely untapped labour pool, equipping you for any labour shortage (See Huge Untapped Pool of Labour PDF)
  • You save money with statistically lower turnover rates, resulting in lower training costs (See Myth Busters PDF)
  • You support Equal Opportunity; with over 14% of Manitobans living with a disability, consumer attitudes favour businesses who value equal opportunity
  • When you partner with a supported employment agency such as EES, qualified staff are available for support and additional hiring needs
  • Diversity brings unique perspectives that can increase your innovation and productivity. Diversity has a positive impact on work culture, resulting in better managers and better team morale.
  • Ultimately, our goal is a good fit between you and your employee; when a good match is found, your business benefits!
If I agree to a work experience, will I be expected to hire this person in the future?
There is no obligation to hire after the completion of a work experience; however, if the applicant should prove to be qualified and a position becomes available, we are happy to support you and the applicant to take the next step.
What is the cost?
Contrary to popular belief, people who live with a disability require very little accommodation in the work place. According to the Conference Board of Canada only 20 per cent require any accommodation at all on the job and the cost for doing so in 65 per cent of cases was between $1 and $500. Our goal is to maximize the independence of the person, while meeting your expectations for work performance; EES will do everything possible to make that happen.
Will this person require extra training? If so, who will provide it?
If extra training is required, EES can provide a job coach at no cost to you to be trained alongside the person you've hired. The job coach will then work beside the person, offering additional training, reminders, and other assistance as needed. The job coach will also be available to work with you and your supervisors and staff to create a positive and cohesive workplace environment.
How do you address liabilities and safety concerns?
Statistically, people with disabilities are safer workers and account for fewer worker's compensation claims than other employees. However, EES would work with you to create a plan that accommodates and ensures the safety of the worker you've hired. The presence of a job coach for ongoing training decreases the likelihood of safety issues. For an interesting case study and statistics regarding safety, please visit
What if it doesn't work out? Can I fire a person with a disability just like anyone else?
All employees should meet the employer's performance expectations, which should be clearly established from the start. One of the benefits of EES involvement is that we remain available even when the employee has been working independently for quite some time. Should concerns arise, we are available for consultation and additional training so that improvements can be made. However, if all reasonable efforts have been made to correct the problem without the desired results, the employer has the right to terminate the employment, following the same procedures as with any other employee.
I’m interested, what’s my first step?
Every workplace and every employee is unique; therefore, EES would be happy to work with you through all stages of the process: application, interview, orientation, training, and ongoing support. If you have been approached by an EES staff person or would be interested in learning more, please feel free to contact us and we will address any further questions you may have.