Development Options

Resume Creation Services

Eastman Employment Services provides resume development services for any individual interested in pursuing employment. Our Resume Specialist will meet with you one-on-one to assist you in creating a resume that reflects your work experience, career goals, and personality.



Interested in accessing this service? Download the following 3 documents, complete them to the best of your ability, and contact Dallas Gerbrandt, our Resume Specialist, to start the process.

If you do not have access to a computer or printer please contact us so we can assist you further.





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Summer Work Experience Program

Eastman Employment Services offers a Summer Work Experience Program, which is designed to provide opportunities for high school students (ages 16-21) living with disabilities to find or continue work experience over the summer months.

This program allows students to gain additional skills and experience to enhance their resumes, try new work experiences, and in some cases, earn some money. This program also allows for students to experience what Eastman Employment Services has to offer prior to leaving school.


Interested in learning more about this program? Contact Christina Swanson

Launch Into Life

Launch Into Life is made up of a series of information and workshop sessions directed at the families of students who live with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This program supports parents and caregivers of individuals as they navigate funding sources, support services and legal issues, and other barriers.

This program is an initiative of The Sinneave Family Foundation.


Interested in learning more about this program? Download the Launch Parent Letter and contact Yolande Demetruk, the Employment Facilitator who oversees this program.