What is Inclusive Hiring?

Hiring inclusively is the act of recruiting individuals living with disabilities or other barriers to employment. Some examples of barriers are persons living with mental health disorders, persons from discriminated people-groups, and other people who may be pre-disposed to having difficulty finding employment.

Why Should My Business Hire Inclusively?

Reduced Turnover Costs:

  • Many industry reports have compared the performance, attendance and safety of workers with disabilities with the general workforce; workers with disabilities perform, on average, as well (and sometimes better) than their coworkers. Furthermore, employees with disabilities are often inclined to stay in their jobs longer than the general workforce reducing turnover costs.

Consumers Pay Attention to Inclusive Workplaces:

  • There are over 170,000 consumers in Manitoba who happen to have a disability; they will hold an employer with a diverse workforce in high regard. So will their friends and family. That adds up to a lot of potential customers.
  • General consumer attitudes are more favorable for businesses that hire people with disabilities. A recent study indicated that 87% of consumers surveyed would prefer to give their business to companies that hire individuals with disabilities versus those that don’t.

Positive Impacts at Your Workplace:

  • Commitment to a diverse workforce that includes employees with disabilities has a positive impact on work culture.

EES Provides Pre-Screened Potential Candidates for Your Open Positions:

  • Are you looking to fill a position? Eastman Employment is a valuable HR resource – we just might have the perfect person to fill your position. And if you contact one of us, and we don’t happen to work with a person we think would be a good match for a job, we will “cast the net out” with our colleagues in other organizations to see if we can be of assistance to you. Please see our member page for organizational contact information.

Perks to Hiring Inclusively

Good Quality Employees:

  • Many employers in the area have already benefitted from hiring a person with a disability. Statistics have shown that not only will you acquire a qualified employee, but persons with a disability have fewer sick days, are more reliable and stay for the long term when a good match is made.

Great Employee Performance:

  • The individuals who are accessing our services at EES are motivated, qualified and innovative individuals who strive to perform well on the job.

Higher Levels of Employee Loyalty:

  • Low turnover rates are a result of persons living with disabilities having high levels of loyalty and pride for the companies they work for.

More Reliable Employees:

  • People living with disabilities experience lower rates of absenteeism than the average employee.

Increased Productivity:

  • Individuals living with disabilities are very productive workers when in the correct role for them. In some cases where job coaches are required for success, there is the added benefit of more labour for the same rate of pay.

Diversity of Your Workplace

  • Hiring inclusively creates positive community perception and helps your organization to grow into a better version of itself.

How Can EES Help You Hire and Employ Inclusively?

EES has qualified staff who can meet with you to see how hiring a person with a disability can benefit your business.

Help is easy to get, and at no cost.

  • Eastman Employment Services provides direct training support for the job seekers they support at no cost to the employer. Additionally, Eastman Employment Services will provide follow up support to ensure success for both employee and employer.

Here at EES you as an employer are one of our top priorities. We are here to offer you support in the following areas:

  • Access to a large pool of pre-screened candidates
  • Consultation and assistance with on the job training
  • Access to resources necessary to ensure successful integration
  • Sounding board for new ideas and questions regarding inclusive employment and hiring processes
  • Maintain on-going communication and support through our team of Employment Facilitators

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Information used with permission from the Manitoba Supported Employment Network (msen.mb.ca)

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