Upcoming Events

Launch Into Life


Launch Into Life is made up of a series of information and workshop sessions directed at the families of students who live with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This program supports parents and caregivers of individuals as they navigate funding sources, support services and legal issues, and other barriers.

This program is a 3-part series that spans over 3 evenings. If you are interested in more information please follow the link below.

This program is an initiative of The Sinneave Family Foundation.

Interested? Contact Yolande Demetruk, our Transition Facilitator.

Pre-Employment Workshop


The Pre-Employment Workshop is offered for individuals already connected with EES who are working alongside an Employment Facilitator or is connected through our Summer Work Experience Program. Included in this experience are 8 in-class sessions, as well as 2 mock interview opportunities for you to practice the skills acquired during class time.

The Pre-Employment Workshop covers topics such as what jobs might suit you best, what your personal strengths and interests are, dress codes for workplaces, disclosure, and handling conflict in the workplace to name a few.

Interested? Contact Alisha Nickel, the manager overseeing this program.