Natasha, Manager at The Great Canadian Dollar Store

Natasha, Manager at The Great Canadian Dollar Store says that hiring through EES eased her doubts and fears about training an employee with a disability. “The EES Employment Facilitator was there at the interview, throughout training, and even now while Nicolette is working. Hilary even helped Nicolette with signing up for payroll and orientation.” When asked about her experience interacting with the EES Employment Facilitators and Job Coaches, Natasha expressed, If I have to approach a client about a concern, the first thing I do is call EES. They give me a perspective about my employee that I don’t have and they have experience in leading a staff member with a disability. They give me advice that I wouldn’t get from anyone else. Helpful, personalized to my employee, and in the employee’s best interest.”

Natasha is thrilled to have Nicolette as a part of the team at The Great Canadian Dollar Store, “Nicolette is a helpful addition to our store. She is eager to work and does well in her role. With a small accommodation provided by EES to help, Nicolette has levelled up in her position and it has enabled her to take on more during her workday.” Natasha has fully welcomed Nicolette as a part of the team; Nicolette is scheduled for shifts in the same way her co-workers are and has even been called in to work additional shifts when another set of hands is needed at work. With the Great Canadian Dollar Store, Nicolette has joined a diverse workforce with thoughtful and encouraging co-workers who strive to make Nicolette feel welcomed and a part of their team with inside jokes and advice about their shared work.

Natasha is proud to be partnered with EES and enjoys the benefits and supports she receives from remaining in contact with the Employment Facilitators connected with her employees.