Lee, Franchise Owner/Operator at Sobeys

Meet Lee, the Franchise Owner and Operator of Sobeys in Steinbach, a local and inclusive employer. In an interview with Lee, he mentioned that Sobeys started participating in work experience opportunities in 2015, and made their first hire through EES in 2017. Lee shared that while he hires inclusively to promote Sobeys’ equal employment mindset, there is a personal aspect to it. Lee likes to search with EES for the “diamond in the rough” employees that are a perfect fit for his store. Lee explained, “finding a well-suited employee is thrilling and one of the most rewarding parts of hiring inclusively. When EES helps to match individuals to open positions at Sobeys I get excited because these individuals have the drive and applicable skills to work here.”

“With Eastman’s support you don’t have to put in a ton of extra time to make it work for the employee,” Lee shared. “Also, these job seekers have usually specifically named Sobeys as an employer they want to work with and that is encouraging to me to know that the community sees Sobeys as a great place to work.”

Lee is proud to partner with EES and hire inclusively from our pre-vetted candidate pool for employment success.